Sapal did an electrical overhaul hardware & software of the complete AA-06 n°10954 distribution system

The advantage to do such an upgrade are to:

  • Bring the equipment to the last technology available
  • Increase the lifecycle of the equipment
  • Secure the machine productivity due to the component availability

The scope of supply was:

  • 1 complete new pre-assembled electrical cabinets which will replace the 4-existing cabinets
  • implementation of new deported nodes Ethernet in existing main and secondary electrical boxes
  • New (Rockwell) servo-motors with new flanges and cables (feedback + power)
  • Replacement of all SICK photocells on all distribution system with their support
  • Pre-assembling and pre-cabling
  •  New program design
  • Internal documentation update and schematics.

What happened

In February 2020, Sapal installed the hardware elements to upgrade the distribution system that had been purchased 31 years ago.

Unfortunately, right at that time the Covid-19 interrupted the work and our engineers had to fly back to Switzerland, even if there was still a lot to do to have the distribution system working.

In fact, the programming and testing of the software had to be done remotely.

Concretely, Sapal employee coached the client to finalize the wiring with Q&A and electrical diagrams.

We set up a full-time person for remote assistance (phone & video) of the soft work, which included:

– Installing programs
– Checking inputs/outputs
– Testing and parameterizing different stations without products
– Testing and parameterizing different stations with products
– Simulate production
– Validate the functioning of the distributor system
– Remaining available in case of needed

Due to a very good collaboration between the high skilled people of Valor Chocolates and our specialists, we were able to restart production after few days.


Can you tell something about Valor, the creation of the company?

Chocolates Valor is the reference company in the chocolate sector in Spain. A family company, with more than 130 years of history and its presence in more than 50 international markets, which is characterized by the quality of its products and its commitment to innovation. We focus on healthy pleasure, and we are specialists in premium chocolate bars with high percentages of cocoa, in sugar-free chocolates and in chocolates with nuts, among other products.

INTERVIEW – Sir Archibald Boyd Tunnock, CEO of Thomas Tunnock Limited

Tell us about the creation of your company, the history of your family since the beginning in 1890, with Thomas Tunnock.

The story of Tunnock starts in 1890 when my great Grand-Father Thomas Tunnock bought a shop for 80 pounds, which was a lot of money at that time, to open his bakery, here in Uddingston.


INTERVIEW – Stuart Loudon: Project Manager at Thomas Tunnock Limited

I imagine that efficiency and quality of the packaging are the most important things you’re looking for in the machines. What could you say about the Sapal Machines?

I think that for the efficiency and the quality of the packaging, for the product that we are trying to run the Sapal BNK and the DPN 7 machines that we have are the perfect machines for the job. Over the years, we’ve tried different types of machinery, but we stick with Sapal, because Sapal are the best in the business for this type of machine, this is why we have always kept our relationship with Sapal.


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