Kőröstej Ltd. are producers of cheese. They are actually one of the leading producers of Kashkaval cheese in the world, but are also producers of over a hundred different kinds of cheese, from Hungarian Trappist and Parenyica, to Middle Eastern Labneh and Chilal, to worldwide cheeses like Grill cheeses and processed cheeses in portions or slices.
The Köröstej Ltd Company has four factories in Hungary. Three of them are producing cheese out of milk and the only factory producing Processed Cheese from hard and semi-hard cheese is in Kacsota, near Pecs.
This plant is only dedicated to the production of Processed Cheese. As the demand is increasing, the factory will be doubled in size next year.

Great success for his owner, Dr. Riad Naboulsi.

Today, we are meeting Mr. Makhoul Louai, Plant Manager and Mr. Ehab, Maintenance Manager.
Mr. Ehab Alsaner, Maintenance Manager at Köröstej Ltd since 2018 is called by his colleague the “Lapka Star”, understand here the star of the slices.

He brought to the Koröstej Ltd company some partnerships and contributed quite a lot in having an engineering point of view on the packaging machines, bringing professionalism into their activities.



Sapal did an electrical overhaul hardware & software of the complete AA-06 n°10954 distribution system

The advantage to do such an upgrade are to:

  • Bring the equipment to the last technology available
  • Increase the lifecycle of the equipment
  • Secure the machine productivity due to the component availability


Can you tell something about Valor, the creation of the company?

Chocolates Valor is the reference company in the chocolate sector in Spain. A family company, with more than 130 years of history and its presence in more than 50 international markets, which is characterized by the quality of its products and its commitment to innovation. We focus on healthy pleasure, and we are specialists in premium chocolate bars with high percentages of cocoa, in sugar-free chocolates and in chocolates with nuts, among other products.

Can you speak about your position in the market?

Chocolates Valor is the leading Spanish company in the chocolate sector, competing with the largest multinationals in the market. At the moment we are the second brand in chocolate bars and we are absolute leaders in high percentage chocolates, sugar free chocolates, chocolates with nuts and hot chocolate.

When did you start working with Sapal and why?

We started to work with Sapal because of its reliability, robustness and efficiency that characterizes its developments.

Why do you still work with us despite the competition?

As mentioned, both for the robustness, quality and reliability of their machines, as well as for the efficiency of their developments, which have allowed us to comfortably face our natural growth, as well as the magnificent after-sales service and proximity of their advisors

What do you think are the strengths of Sapal?

The strengths of Sapal are mainly the quality, reliability and robustness of their developments. Their reliable machines provide us with efficiency in the processes. But we would also value the attention and advice of the Sapal staff during the years we have been working with them.

You have a BB and a AA-06 Sapal machines in your factory: can you tell us what do you think about them and how do they work?

We can emphasize that both machines have worked with an optimal performance and that they continue contributing great value to the company, since they have accompanied us in our natural growth. As a leader of important segments in our sector, we are forced to have a very intensive production at certain moments and the Sapal machines always provide us with efficiency and safety in our production processes.

Can you tell us something about the modernization that has been done in 2003? Are you happy with it?

Of course, as we have explained, we at Valor are extremely satisfied with the Sapal machines. These upgrades optimized the efficiency of these machines even further.

Generally, can you say something about the commercial relation between you and Sapal? Are you happy with our machines, would you recommend Sapal?

Of course, we would recommend this firm. The relationship of trust in their developments and their teams has led us to continue working with Sapal over the past 30 years.

Can you tell us something about the way Sapal engineers have been able to help you remotely during the Covid-19 sanitary crisis? What did they do for you?

I would like to highlight the support and closeness shown by the professionals at Sapal during such a complicated time as the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe. This situation came right in the middle of the annual process of the plant’s setting (EL-upgrade). The capacity to work remotely demonstrated by both Sapal’s employees and the team of engineers at Valor has been crucial.

Did Sapal respect the scope of supply?

Yes, at all times and despite the complicated situation.

Have you been able to begin your production on time?

Yes, and it was achieved despite the many difficulties, in a critical situation like the one we are going through and the complexity of the project addressed. It was achieved thanks to the joint effort of Sapal’s professionals and our technical team, which allowed us to complete the work remotely. In this way, our engineers were guided from Switzerland to finish the whole process, which had started in the annual technical stop, to resume production normally.

I imagine that efficiency and quality of the packaging are very important for you. What could you say about the Sapal Machines?

Of course, for Chocolates Valor it is fundamental to guarantee this point, both for the quality and safety of the product through the packaging and for the presence of the brand. For this reason, we need a reliable supplier like Sapal.

What do you think about the way the Sapal machine are conceived?

They are robust, safe, efficient and long-lasting machines.

Are they easy for the operator to use on and to maintain?

Yes, in general they are. In addition, in Chocolates Valor we have a very experienced technical team, which together with the support of the Sapal machines make everything flow perfectly.

After how many years did you decided to refurbish your machines… are you still happy with them? Do they work as the first day, 40 years ago?

For us, Sapal machines are synonymous with safety and guarantee. The machines are working at perfection.

INTERVIEW – Sir Archibald Boyd Tunnock, CEO of Thomas Tunnock Limited

Tell us about the creation of your company, the history of your family since the beginning in 1890, with Thomas Tunnock.

The story of Tunnock starts in 1890 when my great Grand-Father Thomas Tunnock bought a shop for 80 pounds, which was a lot of money at that time, to open his bakery, here in Uddingston.

INTERVIEW – Stuart Loudon: Project Manager at Thomas Tunnock Limited

I imagine that efficiency and quality of the packaging are the most important things you’re looking for in the machines. What could you say about the Sapal Machines?

I think that for the efficiency and the quality of the packaging, for the product that we are trying to run the Sapal BNK and the DPN 7 machines that we have are the perfect machines for the job. Over the years, we’ve tried different types of machinery, but we stick with Sapal, because Sapal are the best in the business for this type of machine, this is why we have always kept our relationship with Sapal.

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